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The booster club provides a cadre of volunteers that supports the band staff and students in their pursuit of excellence in marching and music. Volunteers handle things such as food, drinks, safety, chaperoning, uniforms, coordination, logistics, prop building, etc. Further, the booster club organizes fundraising opportunities to help the band meet it’s financial obligations, while reducing the financial impact on the families involved. Additionally, the booster club provides assistance to those with financial hardships who would otherwise be unable to participate. A very important aspect of the booster club is to embrace the band program and support it in a way that is consistent with the staff’s leadership - personifying the core values the staff is expecting of our students.

2012-2013 FM Band Booster Club Board Members

Dawn RackleyPresident803-493-0141 (cell)president@fortmillhsband.com
Teri TuomiVice-Presidentvp@fortmillhsband.com
Heather RuferSecretarysecretary@fortmillhsband.com
Theresa ParkerTreasurer803-431-9043 (cell)accounts@fortmillhsband.com
Kelley BairdC0-VP Fundraisingfun@fortmillhsband.com
Karen StacyAt-Large803-396-0166 (home)board@fortmillhsband.com
Steve EdwardsAt-Largepitcrew@fortmillhsband.com
Ann BitterAt-Largeboard@fortmillhsband.com
Reid LancasterAt-Largeboard@fortmillhsband.com