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The Wind Symphony is composed of the top 45 to 50 musicians in the Fort Mill High School Band. Membership in the Wind Symphony is competitive and members are expected to strive for the highest level of individual excellence. Expectations for members include: studying with a private instructor, auditioning for honor bands, performing in solo recitals and competitions, and performing in chamber ensembles. The Wind Symphony performs some of the most demanding literature in the wind band repertoire at the grade 6 level. Consequently, each member is expected to posses the technical and musical ability to handle those demands while contributing to the integrity of the ensemble. To maintain membership in the Wind Symphony, members must demonstrate proficiency by passing regular playing tests.

The Wind Symphony and Symphonic Bands perform many concerts throughout the year, starting with the annual Christmas Concert. In the spring the bands perform at the SC Band Directors Association Concert Festival, where they have consistently earned Superior ratings. A winter concert precedes the concert festival in March followed by a chamber music concert and the spring concert in May. All band students perform at the graduation ceremonies.