South Carolina Champs!

The Fort Mill Marching Band concluded their 2012 competition schedule at the South Carolina State Championships on October 27th.  The band competed in class 4A competition against fourteen other high school marching bands that were from throughout the state.  They were the seventh band to perform that evening.  At 7:30PM the band took the field to perform their 2012 show one last time in a competitive event. The band members lit up the field with fire flags, an awesome guitar rift, and a crowd favorite musical line from “Iron Man”.  Next the ballad moved the crowd from the crazy cheering opener to a quiet emotional moment.  The beauty of the music, with the grace of the color guard, left very few dry eyes in the stands.  The music then began to build with the first few beats of the song “Coronation” from the movie “Stardust”.  The fans were on the edge of their seats as the band began their final piece.  As the music journey was concluding, the props and flags changed to gold, bringing a crowning moment to their show.  The fans roared with excitement as the band left the field.

After the remaining bands finished the SC State Championship, the Clemson University Tiger Band took the field.  They entertained the crowd with selections based on themes of color, pop songs, and the Clemson fight song.  Finally, about 10PM,  all the bands entered the field for a full retreat. The Fort Mill Marching band entered with Drum Majors leading the way followed by the color guard carrying the South Carolina and the United States flag and all band members marching in behind. The band waited as each place was being called.  They heard every placement being announced and then the announcer reached 5th place.  Ridgeview High School placed fifth, which meant that the bands placing, first through fourth, were all from the Upper State division and all from York County.  Fort Mill was not announced for 3rd or 4th place.  A silence fell on the stands as the only two bands remaining were Nation Ford and Fort Mill; both which ranked lower at the Upper State Championship only a week prior.  The announcer named Nation Ford second with a score of 93.70. The crowd could not contain themselves as the announcer broadcast Fort Mill as the winner of Best Music, Best Visual, Best Overall Effect, and 1st place winner with a score of 95.45.  There were thunderous shouts, cheers, tears of joy and smiles that shined ear-to-ear from everyone which was the crowning moment to a great performance and marching season.

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